Maetura Natural Cosmetics: Shikakai Fresh Shampoo (for oily hair)

Shikakai Fresh Shampoo (oily hair)

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This solid shampoo is perfect for oily hair types thanks to a unique blend of herbs and natural minerals that gently but effectively cuts through grease, leaving light, happy hair. 

85g each 

Maetura products

  • Are handmade, cut and wrapped, in small batches in Portugal. 
  • Made with virgin and organic vegetable oils, enriched with healing herbs
  • Never tested on animals and do not contain ingredients of animal origin
  • No palm oil is used, and unlike large 'natural cosmetics' brands, no SLS is used (which is usually made from palm oil).


Sodium cocoyl isethionate [obtained from coconut oil], sodium coco sulfate, cocamidopropyl betaine, acacia concinna* (shikakai), apple cider vinegar*, olea europaea* (olive oil), illite (clay), moroccan lava clay, lavanda angustifólia extract* (lavender), stearic acid, cannabis sativa seed oil* (hemp), urtica dioica leaf powder* (nettle), activated charcoal (coconut), melaleuca alternifólia leaf oil (tea tree), mentha piperita oil* (peppermint), rosmarinus officinalis leaf oil* (rosemary)

Use and storage guidelines

  • Solid shampoos can be passed directly over moist hair a few times, and then lather & rinse as usual.
  • Exernal use only (not for eyes / mouth).  
  • Store before use in a dry location.