Practice Yoga

Yoga is a way to put us in greater harmony with ourselves and the world around us.  When we regularly feel at peace, it is natural for us to wish everything well - and increasingly live like that.  This is why yoga is part of Green Blue World. 

If you would like to practice with our founder, Tom, we'll be putting options for you on this page soon, such as Friday online yoga (you can also find info through Instagram - see icon in footer). 

Feel free to email us to discuss online yoga, in person teaching, retreats, etc. 

Yoga has been a support to Tom for a long time, and he enjoys sharing that support with others. Tom's been practising and studying since 1996. He completed several viniyoga trainings in the UK, including a 3 year teacher training with Dave Charlton in 2005 (the British Wheel of Yoga Diploma). In recent years, he's been studying Energy Medicine Yoga and is a qualified teacher of this beautiful approach that combines yoga with other approaches to 'energy' such as traditional Chinese medicine. 

Tom sometimes calls his approach "integrative viniyoga", as he uses the robust "viniyoga" teachings of T.K.V. Desikachar as a framework for combining Energy Medicine Yoga, Reiki, Pilates, Zen, Heartmath, trauma sensitive yoga, and more.  He's currently, slowly, writing a yoga book.

Tom's approach is sensitive to people's unique needs and aspirations, adjustable to all levels of experience or 'difficulty', therapeutic for all, and, he hopes, interesting!

Tom practicing yoga with a handmade cork yoga block from regenerative forestry, only available at Green Blue World
Energy Medicine Yoga