Maetura Natural Cosmetics: Soothing Soap (oat-milk & lavender)

Soothing soap (oat-milk & lavender)


Skin soothing soap with calming oat milk, gently scented with lavender. 

Maetura soaps:

  • Are handmade, cut and wrapped, in small batches in Portugal. 
  • Made with virgin and organic vegetable oils, enriched with healing herbs
  • Never tested on animals and do not contain ingredients of animal origin
  • No palm oil is used, and unlike large 'natural cosmetics' brands, no SLS is used (which is usually made from palm oil).
  • Sold in single 80g pieces (of which, more than one are shown in the photo).


sodium olivate*, sodium shea butterate*, aqua, glycerin, sodium cocoate*, avena sativa kernel flour*, lavandula angustifolia flower water*, lavandula angustifolia flower oil*

* = from organic agriculture

N.B. the 'ate' ingredients are the name given to the olive oil, shea butter and coconut fat, after they have been reacted with the alkali 'lye' which is used to make soap (sodium hydroxide - which doesn't stay in the final product).