Large, 25cm, round cork pot mat (or "trivet"). Reversible design - one side totally natural, other side with "Energy of Life" logo & also "Natureza Iberica" ecolabel.

Cork Pot Pat / 'Trivet' (Large)


Limited Edition


These items have a wonderful feel – bring the energy of cork-life into your home! 

These mats are 25 cm in diameter.  Thickness varies slightly, average 2 cm 

Cork is highly heat resistant - this is why cork oak trees evolved a cork layer, to protect from bush fires!  So these are perfect for protecting surfaces from hot pots! No more piling up of inferior mats!

100% natural, made from solid cork (not made from cork dust and lots of glue, like most other supposedly "cork" brands!)

Hand harvested, hand-selected, and hand crafted by cork specialists.

Beautiful to look at and touch. 

Reversible: one side with laser-etched design (no toxic inks!), the other side natural.

Every product is unique because cork exhibits a lot of natural variation (colour, patterns, little holes, size of growth rings).  This is natural art! 


This purchase supports an environmental project that restores cork oak forests in Portugal, and provides skilled jobs in a poor rural area.

We know the precise forests (and foresters!) our cork comes from, we know they follow our criteria for looking after their trees and ecosystem, and we help them with environmental improvements in their forests.  These products carry the unique ecolabel: 'Natureza Ibérica'.

Almost all other cork supply chains are not traceable - and many cork forests are being managed badly, with trees dying on a massive scale.  We demonstrate the solutions.

Sustainable harvest - each tree can have some of its cork layer harvested every 9 or 10 years, for about 200 years.

Buying this item helps to reduce greenhouse gases and provides habitat for many birds and other wildlife (e.g. Imperial eagle, Iberian lynx, sorraia horse).  Cork forests are very wildlife friendly ecosystems and important to local culture and traditions – your purchase helps conserve all this.